Transforming Business Through Mobile Innovation

Mobile technology—one of the most rapidly adopted technologies in history—is changing the way businesses serve and support customers and employees. Today, global mobile subscribers outnumber Internet subscribers nearly three to one. In the next decade, more devices than people will be connected to the Internet.

HUB Consulting helps companies take advantage of mobile technologies by offering end-to-end mobility solutions that ultimately create new opportunities for growth. Our capabilities address three mobile-related business areas:

Business to employee

We can help you transform your field force to be more efficient and effective, providing employees with anytime access to essential business information via mobile browsers. Our offerings help create more feature-rich, native software applications for mobile devices to provide a better path to back-end enterprise capabilities.

These tools open new possibilities for innovation, allowing companies to design applications with everything from contextual to location awareness—or mash-up other available mobile applications—to boost productivity in ways they can only now imagine.

Business to consumer

For many consumers, the mobile Web is the new e-commerce. The smart and innovative companies are already courting consumers and building their brand via SMS, mobile coupons, smartphone-based payment systems and custom-developed apps that provide stronger consumer links.

Machine to machine

Communicating with devices—mobile or not—provides companies with new possibilities to offer more services, controlling inventory and meeting regulatory requirements. For example, vending machines can remotely signal their inventory levels. Fleet vehicles and equipment can alert depots of impending mechanical problems, which helps minimize downtime. Pharmaceutical companies can automatically monitor health care facility inventory levels and expiration dates.

HUB Consulting has the in-depth industry expertise in mobility and managed business models to help you reach high performance in mobility. We provide significant flexibility and help minimize up-front capital investment. And we offer best-of-breed solutions, based on a large network of technology alliance partners.

HUB Consulting’s flexible, end-to-end solutions and deep industry expertise help businesses—at any point in the lifecycle—with their mobility needs.

Solutions from HUB Consulting Mobility:

HUB Consulting Mobility Operated Services

HUB Consulting is a leader in providing mobile services and solutions and has a broad and deep array of mobility capabilities. Through HUB Consulting Mobility Operated Services’ managed, transaction-based service model, our clients can quickly and cost effectively launch and scale mobile solutions to work smarter and more profitably.

Our mobility offerings have unique features compared to other solutions in the market and provide sustainable cost and productivity benefits:

We offer end-to-end solutions that stretch from development and installation to the ongoing delivery of the live service.
- Our solutions are based on a single, proven platform that covers all relevant services.
- Our solutions are non-branded "white label" services.
- We provide a broad range of industry-specific applications.
- We offer each solution as a managed service.
- We offer simple, transaction-based pricing.
- Our solutions are device and network independent.
- Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise processes.
All of our solutions are fully extensible with other HUB Consulting Mobility Operated Services solutions.

Specific Services:

HUB Consulting Mobility Operated Services
HUB Consulting Mobility Operated Services (HUBCMOS) offers vertical applications on top of a proven enabling platform. With this managed service, we help our clients address their business challenges and help businesses achieve high performance.
We find that companies face four major mobility challenges:
- Companies find it difficult to execute a mobility strategy around the diverse range of vertical markets, commercial offers and business models available.
- Enterprises want to launch high-value mobility services quickly, with minimal risk and low upfront investment.
- Companies need a delivery platform that is both network- and device-agnostic and is already integrated with mobile operators and other third-party vendors.
- Enterprises are seeking a simple, transparent and transaction-based service model.
To help our clients solve these problems, HUB Consulting Mobility Operated Services:
- Defines the mobile strategy, products and business model, including performing technology scouting and assist with the vendor selection process together with the client.
- Develops the architecture assessment, design and integration with third parties including mobile network operators, business partners and vertical vendors.
- Runs the ongoing operations and management of the mobility solution in a managed service capacity.
- Our mobility offerings fall under three main product families—Enabling, Smartphone Solutions and Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions

HUBCMOS uses a robust open platform that includes all of the architectural components and interfaces needed to rapidly and efficiently launch and manage mobile services.

Smartphone Solutions
HUBCMOS off-the-shelf solutions are non-branded "white label" and ready to deploy as a stand-alone solution or as part of an integrated suite of services. They are also compatible with a variety of smartphone operating systems (e.g., Apple, Android, Windows, etc.).

Machine-to-machine (M2M) Solutions: HUBCMOS machine-to-machine (M2M) applications enable communication between devices to enable fleet monitoring, remote health monitoring and solutions for automating traditional paper-based processes.

Mobile Technology Solutions

HUB Consulting helps organizations achieve sustained competitive advantage through proven and innovative custom and packaged mobile solutions—including assessment, strategy, architecture and application design and delivery—that let organizations generate new business, better serve customers and citizens and improve the productivity of their workforce.

Specific Services:

Mobile Enterprise Strategy
Identifies the areas of greatest business opportunity, creates a long-term mobility vision and develops a road map for leveraging mobile technology that is designed to increase productivity, reduce costs and increase revenues.

Mobile Custom Solutions
Combines best-of-breed commercial and custom applications, middleware and platforms, so that organizations can rapidly deploy secure and easy-to-manage mobile functionality to both business users and customers, as well as manage and plan all aspects of the software development lifecycle. HUB Consulting offers an extensive number of prebuilt custom solutions and frameworks, including:
- Avanade Connected Architecture Mobile, providing a complete component architecture framework for building custom Windows Mobile applications to support any number of users.
- Enterprise iPhone Toolbox, a secure deployment environment for enterprise applications comprising end-to-end security as well as mobile application management tools, including integration with enterprise data stores.

Field Force Transformation
Helps to improve the efficiency of a distributed field force by using business process re-engineering, cultural change, organizational structure, performance management and workforce management tools. HUB Consulting complements its industry-leading experience in FFT and mobile solutions for its enterprise clients around the globe with a vendor-neutral approach to selecting best-in-class technology, as well as business processes, based on each organization’s needs. Learn how transmission and distribution utilities deliver work in a predictable and cost-effective manner through HUB Consulting Work, Field and Resource Management solutions.

HUB Consulting Managed Field Force Services is HUB Consulting’s hosted, software as a service (SaaS)-based workforce management application, designed for organizations with 500–1,500 technicians—but capable of handling many more. The software, which can be rapidly procured, is delivered for a per-technician, per-month service fee, and includes workforce management software, devices, network connectivity, hosting, application maintenance and help desk support. This service can be deployed in 4-8 weeks and lets organizations lower their field force operating costs, increase technician productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

HUB Consulting Mobility Operated Services (AMOS) is a standards-based, open development platform and managed service that enables enterprises to launch high-value mobility services through HUB Consulting’s platform, reducing risk, start-up requirements and infrastructure costs and eliminating the requirement to manage relationships with multiple wireless carriers and third-party providers. More than 300 million subscribers already use AMOS to lower their total cost of ownership and rapidly bring to market new solutions for increasing revenue.

HUB Consulting Product Software Services (APSS) is HUB Consulting’s factory for developing and testing mobile software and embedded systems. With services spanning the entire product development lifecycle, as well as numerous industries, APSS combines advanced engineering and technical support, device tuning, error diagnosis and troubleshooting to provide turnkey software development services, resulting in improved quality, cost savings and innovation, reduced risk and rapid time to market for new handsets, wireless networks and mobile applications.
Wireless capabilities: Wireless mobile system assessments for a variety of devices, networks and platforms as well as device testing, networking planning and infrastructure design, build, test and deployment.

Infrastructure outsourcing capabilities around device management.
Business process reengineering expertise for sales force automation, field force transformation and field service, as well as consumer-focused branding and loyalty initiatives.

Wireless Network Solutions

HUB Consulting creates solutions that help wireless operators evolve and optimize their networks; we also help them deploy and operate revenue-generating services. We offer a broad suite of packaged solutions and assets to address today's most important wireless challenges.

Specific Services:

Service delivery platform, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and the service layer
Solution components for service creation, orchestration, control and execution, third-party gateways and network gateways.

Wireless network consolidation and evolution
Comprehensive network strategies for radio, access, core, OSS, service framework evolution, 3G migration and IMS.

Mobile data
Solution sets for managing complex services including a service quality management framework and software solution.

Wireless provisioning and next-generation OSS solution sets.

Customer relationship management, business intelligence and next-generation billing solutions.

Wireless network operations transformation.