HUB Consulting Software

HUB Consulting Software develops differentiated software-based solutions to help organizations meet their business goals and achieve high performance.

Behind HUB Consulting Software is a talented team of more than 1,800 software professionals. As we build our own software, we also remain connected to our network of alliance partners. Whether working to accelerate an existing enterprise package or collaborating to create new solutions, we take advantage of our long-standing alliance relationships with market leaders to help our clients’ tackle their most pressing business needs.

HUB Consulting Software realizes you need to combine pragmatism with progress and take advantage of practical implementations of new technologies. We are enhancing our software to run in the cloud and be delivered via a Software-as-a-Service model to bring you more flexible and lower computing costs. We are designing our software to support business with mobile, Web 2.0 and other future user computing models so that you will be ready for the collaborative, mobile and user-centered IT of the future.

Whether you employ our software solutions on their own or as part of a larger transformation that encompasses HUB Consulting’s consulting and outsourcing services, you can be assured that you are tapping into a thorough understanding of—and commitment to—high performance.
For end-to-end business solutions built on solid, innovative software, look no further than HUB Consulting Software.

HUB Consulting Software for Banking

Our wide range of software products for banking, such as Alnova Financial Solutions, HUB Consulting Core Banking Transformation Services and SAP Solutions for Banking, helps financial services institutions achieve differentiation and operational excellence, setting them on the road to high performance.

HUB Consulting Software for Banking Products:

Core Banking Transformation
HUB Consulting is well positioned to help banks become high-performance businesses. The HUB Consulting Core Banking Transformation Services offering leverages both innovative thinking and industrialized delivery to transform a bank’s operating model. HUB Consulting’s Core Banking Transformation framework addresses the range of client needs from planning strategy to implementation. We offer a range of transformation options from evolutionary (combining new customized systems with legacy systems) to revolutionary (new end to end capabilities).

HUB Consulting’s core banking transformation services offers a broad set of value:
- Deep industry expertise ranging from project architecture design to delivery across multiple types of operating models, geographies and software solutions.
- A network of delivery centers globally, including IT centers and Business Process Outsourcing centers with a range of skills to manage and implement large-scale core banking systems integration projects.

Specific Services:
- HUB Consulting’s Core Banking Transformation framework to transform a bank’s operating model.
- Architecture and delivery tools including HUB Consulting’s High Performance Bank framework, Service Oriented Architecture framework, and HUB Consulting Delivery Methods.
- HUB Consulting Centers of Excellence for Assets and Software specializing in all phases of the banking transformation process.
- Proven set of global delivery tools customized around core banking solutions.

HUB Consulting Software for Insurance

World-class software has long been a critical component to business success for high-performing companies. Similarly, software-based applications are an increasingly important part of the solutions organizations seek in overcoming their business challenges.

HUB Consulting has a rich heritage of developing software-based solutions to help clients achieve high performance. In response to the growing importance of software applications for today’s business solutions, HUB Consulting has launched a new business—HUB Consulting Software—to place greater emphasis and investment on industrialized development capabilities to support an already impressive portfolio of well-respected applications and incubate the next generation of software.

HUB Consulting Software complements our consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services, providing our clients with the most complete solutions possible. HUB Consulting is more than a service provider offering software, and more than a software company offering services. We bring our best strategic thinking, industry knowledge and technology innovation to bear for each client..

HUB Consulting Software for Insurance Products:

HUB Consulting Claim Components
Claims—representing a significant portion of the property and casualty insurer’s balance sheet—offers significant room for insurers to dramatically improve costs, grow profits and provide superior service. HUB Consulting Claim Components is a Web-based suite of software components that addresses every aspect of the claim. It helps insurers gain distinctive claims management capabilities and drive high performance.

HUB Consulting Life Insurance
High performers take advantage of market downturns to improve their strategic position. Today, policy administration represents a significant opportunity to create value, differentiation and market leadership. Through its life insurance platform, a trusted solution for more than 50 leading life insurance companies and distributors, HUB Consulting is helping insurers gain distinctive capabilities to transform their policy administration operations, lower operating costs and speed up solution implementation time.

HUB Consulting Policy Components
As the markets show signs of recovering, insurers are broadening their focus from survival—to efficiency and profitable growth. Yet industry indicators show that insurers will not find the same marketplace and customer base that existed pre-recession. Worldwide, insurers will face softer demand for insurance products. And many companies will have the challenge of transforming their operations with leaner profit margins.

HUB Consulting Policy Components can help insurers gain the specialized assets, skills and the services they will need to overcome limitations in customer segmentation, distribution and lack of accurate data for timely business decisions.

As insurers sharpen and refine capabilities to take advantage of the upturn, they are positioning to pull away from competitors and usher in a new wave of high performance.

HUB Consulting Software for SAP Human Capital Management

As organizations look to SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) to help them manage their people, they are often looking for ways to get the solution up and performing quickly. With a strong mix of HR experience and knowledge about how to optimize HR processes using SAP HCM, HUB Consulting Software for Human Capital Management has developed an innovative software suite that speeds up the implementation of SAP HCM and helps HR business processes work more efficiently.

HUB Consulting Software for SAP Human Capital Management Products

HUB Consulting Audit and Compliance Tool
Simplify continuous auditing of SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) and payroll systems.
Formal audits, keeping payroll systems up-to-date and increasingly stringent regulatory oversight have all combined to create a potentially large burden for organizations. Meeting these challenges effectively means auditing must be built into the normal business processes.

In response to this business need, HUB Consulting Software for SAP Human Capital Management has used its business and IT expertise to develop an innovative solution, the HUB Consulting Audit and Compliance Tool.

Modular, comprehensive and user-friendly, the HUB Consulting Audit and Compliance Tool includes more than 30 standard checks in the payroll and master data module, simplifying the configuration of complex exception rules in SAP ERP HCM.

- Check and audit processes such as SAP ERP HCM Master Data, payroll, travel expenses and organizational management.
- Correctly set up and continuously check authorizations and parameters of the SAP ERP HCM system to promote security.
- Conduct and store tests in the operational system for easy reference in the future and to protect sensitive employee-related data.
The HUB Consulting Audit and Compliance Tool is part of the HUB Consulting HR Productivity Suite.

Support :
- HUB Consulting Audit and Compliance Tool is supported by a dedicated support desk to address questions and support needs.

HUB Consulting Clone and Test HCM
This component of the HUB Consulting HR Productivity Suite offers fast, safe and meaningful tests of SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) data.

Rapidly evolving business environments mean that organizations have to be prepared for constant change on all levels. They need IT systems that are able to respond effectively and efficiently to business challenges and so enable high performance.

HUB Consulting Clone and Test HCM creates a fresh answer to this challenge, enabling companies to perform tests of new versions of their SAP ERP HCM systems. By copying relevant sets of data from operational systems into a test system, tests can easily be performed and comparisons between the two systems made.

- Maximum flexibility in creating test environments.
- Fully integrated with the SAP authorization concept of reliability and safety.
- Quick take-up by employees, thanks to the SAP look and feel.
- Fast results without compromising performance standards.
- Can be used in any country supported by SAP ERP. The user interface is available in a number of languages.
- Supported by skilled professionals from HUB Consulting Software for SAP Human Capital Management with expertise in business and technology and a dedicated support desk to help resolve problems and answer questions.
HUB Consulting Clone and Test HCM is part of the HUB Consulting HR Productivity Suite.

- HUB Consulting Clone and Test HCM is supported by a dedicated support desk to address questions and support needs.

HUB Consulting HR Cost Manager
The HUB Consulting HR Cost Manager delivers precise, critical workforce cost information on time and in a format that is easily understandable, for real-time risk evaluation and cost-benefit recognition.
Today’s demands—increased financial pressure, more complex regulations and a greater need for strategic focus—challenge an organization’s ability to efficiently leverage its human capital to improve organizational performance.

The importance of personnel cost planning is often underestimated—yet up to 80 percent of an organization’s costs can stem directly from the workforce.

The HUB Consulting HR Cost Manager takes an innovative approach to help the organization to perform accurate workforce planning and simulation. This best-in-class solution provides both the flexibility and scope to deliver precise personnel costs through its functionality.

The HUB Consulting HR Cost Manager enables the following key functions:
- Data Collation: Data collation methods can quickly and easily be customized to create the reliable and comprehensive database needed for planning. The result is an all encompassing, comprehensive database that provides a solid foundation for exact planning.
- Planning: The tabular process allows the user to determine exactly which absences should be excluded in the planning and which cost elements within the timeframe need to be included in the planning process.
- Plan-Is Analysis: A Plan-Is comparison and deviation analysis are integrated into the HUB Consulting HR Cost Manager. It is standard procedure to do the Plan-Is analysis on the basis of the organizational structure.
- Decentralization: Enables decentralized participation of line managers in detailed planning via extended user-friendly data recording.

- Greater influence on strategic and operational planning.
- Greater impact on decision making due to variable scenario analysis.
- Modeling the cost implication of mass changes across the organization—whether it be on a local, regional, or international basis.
- On-demand or continuous cost planning cycles.
- Cost reduction and improved HR and finance control.
- Improved, goal oriented deployment of personnel finances.
- Optimized resource planning via simulation capability.
- Greater transparency—optimization and cost savings potential.
- Greater reliability and security of planning data.
- Increased comparative data analysis potential.
- Plan-Is comparison.
- Faster, better, more comprehensive and detailed information delivery.
- Improved data quality and scope.
- Improved service delivery to internal business customers.
- Simple integration and interfaces to planning and controlling (financial and business).
- Lower implementation, support and maintenance costs.
- Continuous future development ensuring secure future investment.

- HUB Consulting HR Cost Manager is supported by a dedicated support desk to address questions and support needs.

HUB Consulting HR Management Suite
HUB Consulting’s innovative approach identifies and exploits the efficiency opportunities offered by administrative tasks in HR management.

Organizations that are progressing toward high performance rely strongly on integration of their personnel processes and human capital management infrastructure across decentralized locations and systems.

The HUB Consulting HR Management Suite supports businesses in optimizing their personnel administration and organizational management functions and processes on their way to achieving high performance.

The HUB Consulting HR Management Suite is a Web based front-end to SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM), designed to radically simplify remote access for SAP users in satellite branches, outlying business units or home working. It is specially optimized for occasional users. With easy access via a Web browser, there is no need for installation and maintenance of software locally.

- The HUB Consulting HR Management Suite allows a wide range of personnel processes to be covered remotely, from master data maintenance, carrying out personnel actions or reporting, right through to organization and compensation management.
- Personnel officers and HR administration staff in a decentralized organization are able to capture and maintain HR and organizational data locally, using a simple user interface tailored to their specific role.
- Irrespective of where users are located, they are able to access current data directly from the SAP system, eliminating the former information flow in the form of calls, fax, letters and e-mails. By removing unwieldy business processes and duplicate data entry, accuracy and efficiency are significantly improved.
- The role-specific model within the HUB Consulting HR Management Suite enables the integration of personnel administration and organization management functions, with role-specific screens tailored to the user’s needs.
- This integration enables users to quickly navigate between organization management and personnel administration, and make entry changes to wage types, employee absences or master data.
- For the users, maintenance of SAP data is simplified, enabling them to concentrate on their core tasks. The intuitive and user-friendly design of the system means that expertise in SAP ERP HCM is not required.

HUB Consulting HR Management Suite is supported by a dedicated support desk to address questions and support needs.

HUB Consulting HR Productivity Suite
An innovative approach to improve the performance and functionality of the standard SAP system.
Designed for the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) application, the HUB Consulting HR Productivity Suite has been developed to maximize the potential of the SAP ERP HCM solution. The HR Productivity Suite allows managers to track and harmonize processes seamlessly and increase security. In the process, costs may be reduced.

The HR Productivity Suite’s three components, HUB Consulting Clone and Test HCM , HUB Consulting Patch Analyzer and the HUB Consulting Audit and Compliance Tool will not only make the SAP system application manager’s life easier, but can help reduce the total cost of ownership.

- Guarantees data integrity.
- Provides better and more extensive reporting.
- Improves consistency and accuracy of data to recognize and implement internal best practices.
- Delivers faster audits and results.
- Reduces administrative effort.
- Improves ease and speed of patching.
- Guarantees improved quality and assurance.
- Maximizes system usage.
- Enables data consolidation.
- Lowers the time- and cost-per-process.
- Simplifies access to relevant data, empowers staff and boosts motivation and productivity.

- HUB Consulting HR Productivity Suite is supported by a dedicated support desk to address questions and support needs.

HUB Consulting Patch Analyzer
Save time when adopting new SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) Support Packages with this component of the HUB Consulting HR Productivity Suite.

Many organizations face the problem of having no practical way of economically analyzing patches. At regular intervals SAP provides its customers with upgrades in the form of SAP ERP HCM Support Packages (patches). The SAP systems manager then has two options: either accept the upgrade, without really knowing the full effect of the changes, or compare the objects that have been delivered with the upgrade—the preferred, but more complex option.

The HUB Consulting Patch Analyzer is an innovative solution to this common problem, a specially developed software application that optimizes the upgrade process and minimizes the workload for the SAP system manager. The software simplifies the choice, showing all the newly delivered objects (tables, reports, cycles, schemas) that are relevant for SAP ERP HCM. Using intelligent filters it reduces the upgrade to a selective results list for objects and pieces, and can summarize several patches in one single, country-specific, compressed item list. It requires only one transport for the subsequent system, it divides and shares optimally and has a comprehensive function for upgrades.

The HUB Consulting Patch Analyzer enables analysis of all types of SAP transports and estimate the process run times. This functionality allows SAP managers to accurately schedule upgrades.

- Time savings by compressing patches and reducing comparisons to a minimum.
- Easy to use intuitive user-interfaces.
- Extensive selection sets for the creation of country or subject-specific item lists.
- Detailed listing of the selected objects.
- Overview of the copied objects.
- Ability to accurately plan upgrade times.
- HUB Consulting Patch Analyzer is part of the HUB Consulting HR Productivity Suite.
- HUB Consulting Patch Analyzer is supported by a dedicated support desk to address questions and support needs.
OrgPublisher™ for SAP® Solutions
Manage organizational chart alterations and distribution successfully.
Organizations are continually changing either through:
- Mergers and acquisitions.
- Subsidiaries or departments open or close.
- Employees leave or are promoted.
In times of change it is difficult to maintain an overview of the organizational structure with easy access to up-to-date information about team members and their qualifications, headcounts and, most of all, organizational charts.
OrgPublisher for SAP Solutions provides an innovative solution to the challenge of keeping organizational structures and information up to date in a fast-changing business environment.

- Automates the process and enables employees and employers to view online employee directories, understand basic administrative hierarchies or perform data analysis that is viewable on a corporate intranet using any Web browser in Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel.
- Comprehensive organizational charting software solution for the development, administration, analysis and distribution of this type of corporate information.
- HUB Consulting Software for SAP Human Capital Mangement is supported by a dedicated support desk to address questions and support needs.